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Your heating and cooling system is a mechanical device very similar to your automobile. It has a lot of working parts. You rely on it to provide a much needed service to your home comfort almost every day of the year. To protect the investment you made in your home comfort system like your automobile you should have your heating and cooling system regularly serviced and inspected by a qualified technician.


Having trouble remembering to get your system services? We can handle it for you. Just let us know you would like to have our planned service and we will call you when your system needs servicing. You will receive our lowest service price and receive discounts on any necessary repairs. Its easy to get started just give us a call or send us an email to let us know and we will be happy to include you on our planned service.


Here is an example of the factory recommendations for service on an outdoor unit. Also on a heat pump it is necessary to check the defrost cycle for the heating operation.


Maintenance and service must be perormed by a qualified installer or service agency. At the beginning of each cooling or heating season, the system should be check as follows:


Outdoor Unit


Clean and inspect outdoor coil (may be flushed with a water hose). Ensure power is off before cleaning.


Outdoor unit fan motor is prlubricated and sealed. No further lubrication is needed.


Visually inspect all connecting lines, joints and coils for evidence of oil leaks.


Check all wiring for loose connections.


Check for correct voltage at unit (unit operating)


Check amp-draw on outdoor fan motor and compressor (high and low capacity).


Inspect drain holes in coil compartment base and clean if necessary.