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Evans Heating & Cooling



Geothermal heat pumps: the most efficient and comfortable way to provide heating, cooling and assists in making hot water for your home. Reduces carbon foot print. Requires no outside unit. Lasts longer than conventional systems


Radiant floor heating: heats the objects without moving air. Quiet. Comfortable. Less dust


Floor warming: warm the tile areas of your home such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms for improved comfort


Lennox conventional heating and cooling equipment


Service and Maintenance: we service all brands and offer preventative annual maintenance to insure proper operation thus keeping your energy cost as low as possible and helps to ensure long equipment life.


Ductwork: used to deliver heated and cooled air throughout the home. Sealed and insulated to insure not to waste energy in unwanted areas such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces where the ducts usually are located


Energy recovery ventilators: provides controlled fresh air for your indoor environment while minimizing the loss of any cooled air during the summer cooling. Used primarily in areas with cooling dominate loads.


Heat recovery ventilators: provides controlled fresh air for your home while minimizing the loss of heated air. Used mainly for areas with heating dominate loads.